Well compressed is half recycled

Our machinery at the Wurmlingen site has been strengthened: Although the two new additions do not produce booklets or pads, they are nevertheless an essential part of our equipment – especially in terms of our endeavours to work as environmentally friendly as possible.
At the Format Werk Staufen Group, we want to use the valuable raw material paper as resource-efficiently as possible and take our ecological responsibility very seriously. This new acquisition is therefore an important step towards sustainable management in paper processing.

Pressed paper for more environmental protection

The new baling presses take care of the paper waste that is produced when cutting and punching our material. One press is available for cardboard and mixed paper, the second exclusively for white, wood-free paper.

Why is this important?

Well, paper waste is by no means worthless, but can be processed and recycled. For this purpose, the shreds are pressed in-house, sorted by type as far as possible, and stored in a space-saving manner so that they can be fed back into the recycling cycle.
Our two paper baling presses enable us to:

  • handle paper waste more efficiently
  • save space
  • improve the recycling processes
  • reduce costs in the long term

They play an important role in our efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of paper products.

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