The Format Werk environmental policy

We at Format Werk are aware of our responsibility in handling the raw material and have therefore been rigorously ensuring for years that the environment is not harmed by what we do. That is why we have decided to take on a pioneering role in terms of quality certificates, eco-labelling and even actively initiate projects to improve our processes. In this way, we create the best possible conditions for environmentally compatible action. Our goal is an intelligent overall concept for company processes in order to keep emissions of environmentally harmful substances as low as possible. We stand by it! In order to achieve this goal, we are prepared to have ourselves put through their paces again and again in standardized audits.


The raw materials of our suppliers are subjected to strict controls and evaluations.

In summary, we declare that we are not directly or indirectly involved in any of the following unacceptable activities:

  • Illegal logging or trade in illegally logged timber or forest products.
  • Violation of human rights and traditional fundamental civil rights in forest areas.
  • Destruction of forests whose special protection values are endangered by forest management.
  • conversion of natural forests into plantations or areas without forestry benefits
  • Introduction of genetically modified tree species in forest areas
  • Violation of the main ILO agreements, which are formulated in the fundamental principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and as law at work.

The FSC® certificate is a quality mark that guarantees absolute independence. Environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are involved in the FSC® association.

Our FSC®-labelled products give customers the certainty that only controlled and certified raw materials are used: Forests are managed sustainably, the people there are not exploited, child labour is excluded.

The obligatory qualitative and environmental requirements are checked annually as part of an external audit. Format Werk is proud to meet the criteria for the FSC® quality label.

Format Werk environmental goals

Holders of certifications and environmental labels: Format Werk participates in certification programs for the paper and board processing industry (PPV), which are objective, internationally recognized and ecologically meaningful. The goals of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for Endorsement Forest Council (PEFC), the Scandinavian eco-label “Nordic Swan” and the requirements of the state eco-labels “Blauer Engel” and the Austrian Eco-label should be mentioned in particular.

Expansion and consolidation of the environmental idea: Conserving resources is one of the goals of all our employees. In order to be able to implement the environmental concept of our company without interruption during operation, all employees of Format Werk must know about it. In addition to the annual internal audit, the Environmental Officer holds specific training courses for individual departments and workplaces, which on the one hand raise awareness of ecological factors when purchasing, processing and selling raw materials, and on the other hand we react immediately to the constantly changing requirements, such as environmental certificates.

Environmental quality assurance in raw material purchasing, processing and sales:
Format Werk is part of an integrated system (forest enterprises – paper suppliers – paper processing – wholesalers – consumers). Our products are produced from responsibly managed raw materials. To meet this requirement, we have established a well-functioning environmental system, which is also part of quality assurance. This way we can guarantee that the raw materials used by us are of high quality and come from controlled sources, as well as the processing and sale are in compliance. Thus, controls according to our environmental criteria for raw materials, consumables and supplies, processes in production and sales are daily business.

Commitment to environmental awareness and passing on the environmental idea: We live our environmental awareness – not only in all our offices or our communication, but in the entire external effect: In cooperation with strong partners, we communicate the idea in order to create awareness. But the most important sign we set about our products themselves. Environmental awareness is transported to target groups in schools and offices in millions of branded articles or contract manufacturing for customers.


Forest Protection: Madre de Dios, Peru

Verification: SCS Global Services

Type of certificate: VCS, CCBS, Gold Level

Annual capacity: 659.793 tons of CO2-equivalents

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