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Regardful handling of the worlds most valuable raw materials

We at Format Werk are aware of our responsibility in dealing with the raw material and have therefore been vigorously looking for years to ensure that the environment is not damaged by our actions.

Resource-saving production

Internal audits, trainings of environmental officers, and much more create awareness of environmental factors in raw material purchasing, processing and sales.

Active commitment to the environment

We are also committed to climate protection outside the company. Current climate protection project: Forest protection in Peru

Dedicated team with a lot of experience

A group is only as strong as its weakest link. Our staff are well trained and take care of your needs!

Ursus® Paper

The brand Ursus® fully covers all requirements for daily use of paper products for school, office and home.
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Edition Dürer®

The Original Edition Dürer® drawing block – the classic in drawing lessons and at home offers a wide range of drawing and painting blocks, clay papers, ink and drawing sheets and much more.
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Private Label

Format Werk is one of Europe's top 10 private label products. We offer our customers in Europe the highest product and process quality across all trading levels.
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Format Werk, founded in 1976, is Austria's largest manufacturer of paper goods for schools & offices. The company is headquartered in Gunskirchen (OÖ). Our product portfolio includes products from the categories of magazines, college blocks, writing blocks, flipchart blocks, spiral goods, business books, ring book blocks, ring book inserts, office papers, drawing blocks, index cards, write-through products and more ...
Since more than 40 years at the market
Austria's largest manufacturer of paper goods for schools & offices
Full range of products - notebooks, college blocks, writing blocks, etc.
Guaranteed interruption-free production
Since 2019 a climate neutral company
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Format Werk & Staufen Premium

Get to know our company group and learn about the advantages for our customers, our locations, competences and how we work. 
Explore our different brands and read about the services and contact persons.


A well-rehearsed team is the key to success! The long-standing cooperation in the company helps us to offer you a perfect service.
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Latest Blog Posts

All news, updates, design changes and explanations of the format factory policy can be found in our blog.


Dann kontaktieren Sie uns einfach per E-Mail oder Telefon. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anruf!
Format Werk GmbH, Wallackstraße 3, A-4623 Gunskirchen, Telefon: +43 (0)7246 - 7661 - 0, Fax: +43 (0)7246 - 7661 - 165
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