(Why) More than 20 years of Nordic Swan

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Ever since the company’s founding, the name Format Werk has been synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality exercise books, pads and spiral pads made from the renewable resource wood.
It is our strong conviction that our commitment to social and ecological issues is an important step for the future, both of our company and our employees. This is why we have decided to take on a leading role in environmental certificates and eco hallmarks, and to actively instigate projects designed to improve our processes, in order to create the best possible conditions for environmentally and socially sound conduct. .

We still count on the first one: NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL

More than 20 years ago Format Werk´s first environmental certification was the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. During the years the range of external audited certificates was extended with Blue Angel, Austrian Environmental Label, FSC, PEFC and a certificate for a climate neutral production.

After various internal and external audits and certifications during the years we are still convinced, that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the most consistent environmental label of all. It is the only, that captures not just single products, processes or materials, but also the complete production process, all raw materials, printing colours, coatings, energy consumption, waste, cleaning agents and additives.

This is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Best for nature

More than 99% of the products delivered by Format Werk to the Nordics are awarded with the Nordic Swan. This high acceptance from the customers is our confirmation that we have chosen the right way 20 years ago and the motivation to enhance our efforts to produce the most environmentally friendly products on the market.

„The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the only environmental label that really deserves that name with regard to consistence and awareness level. The continuous development of the regulations forces us to a steadily improvement of our environmental processes.“

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

„Meeting the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printer doing the audit at their own production site, understanding their business and how to comply with the criteria is the very key for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Working with a broad spectra of very strict criteria is the only way to capture and getting a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled service in the graphic business today.“

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

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