Up-to-date online communication!

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As a customer-oriented paper processor, Format Werk for some time now, has been providing its customers with all brand image data for the print sector in the perfect TIFF format.

This does not only give you the perfect print quality using our image data, but you also have the option of putting the images on any background of your choice, even with drop shadows, since these TIFF files are stored with transparent backgrounds.

Do you need a product picture? Help yourself!

What is new is that, all image data for presentation on the Internet has also been converted into the promising PNG format. The PNG format will be THE web format of the future.

This means that you as a customer can simply download the images directly for your online communication by right clicking in the Servicenet / Image Module If you do not yet have access to our service network, simply request it from our marketing department by e-mail:

This gives you access to all image data of our branded products, which you can then use in your communication with customers. Just like our print data in TIFF format, you now have the possibility to quickly access PNG image data with transparent backgrounds for use in your shop system or for your online advertising.

We see it as a special service to make all image data available to our customers – try it out!

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