We care about the environment!

Format Werk understands that nowadays a company is not judged by its products alone. We are convinced that our environmental commitment is an important step for the future of the company and its employees. In the face of manifest climate change and downright horrendous prospects for the future, it is no wonder that consumers put ever greater importance on companies employing environmentally friendly production methods. We want to be among producers who actively do something for the environment.

Format Werk´s environmental policies

Proactive environmental policies have long been of crucial importance for consumers and businesses alike. However, we engage in conservation not purely for economic reasons. In our business, the world’s most important resource – namely wood – plays a major role.

Format Werk´s environmental
aims and their implementation

A number of important aims follow from our environmental policies – for instance the use of resource-saving raw materials, resource-saving production, supply and disposal, and the safeguarding and development of the entire environment management system with all eco labels and eco hallmarks.

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