Swan+ What else can be done for the environment?

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The eco label Nordic Swan does indeed constitute a very comprehensive and pervasive certification system, covering the entire procurement and production process, including raw materials, inks, auxiliary and cleaning materials, as well as energy consumption and waste prevention.

Nevertheless, we continually asked ourselves if there might be further opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint, and it was this thinking that led to the decision, made jointly with Climate Partner in 2014, to have our entire production process certified as “climate neutral”.

This certification not only covers all procurement and production processes, but also business trips, company cars and all employees’ commutes. Moreover, in order to reduce energy consumption the administrative buildings were fitted with additional insulation and new windows. 100% of the electricity we consume comes from hydroelectric sources, and all unavoidable emissions (in 2017 these amounted to some 740 tonnes of CO2) are offset by purchasing certificates for environmental projects. Currently we are supporting a forest protection project in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Every single product is produced climate neutrally

Consequently, every product that has left Format Werk since the beginning of 2015 will have been produced climate neutrally. We can offer to all our customers the opportunity to label their products with the certificate logo in order to communicate their outstanding eco-friendliness.

We continue to work to reduce our environmental footprint and to increase the sustainability of our production processes. There are already further projects in the pipeline and we would be thrilled to inspire others to follow suit and to try and leave the planet to our children a little bit better than how we found it.

Learn more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

“When it comes to environmental protection, there’s always a little bit more you can do. That is why in 2014 we decided to commit to a climate-neutral production process. Today I am proud to say that every product that leaves Format Werk will have been produced 100% climate neutrally.”

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

“Saving the world a little bit every day is part of our daily work at Ecolabelling Sweden. How is this possible? By working with certification of hundreds of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled companies and thousands of suppliers. Making the world a bit greener and saving it for generations to come is indeed a task for us all.”

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

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