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What would an exercise book or a notepad be without its interior for writing? Brilliant white or recycled grey, 60gsm or 90gsm, or perhaps even beautifully coated paper for writing with a fountain pen – everyone has their own favourite. But many people do not realise that at the beginning of each chain there is always a tree.

As manufacturers of paper we are in the very privileged position to be able to work with a sustainable resource. But even though the supply of the resource wood is seemingly endless, the ambition must be to use it in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We have made it our ambition to become Europe’s most environmentally friendly producer of stationery for schools and offices. This is why we have changed our procurement over the past few years and by now can proudly report that over 90% of the paper products manufactured by us bear an eco label.

40% of the material processed by us is recycled paper of varying qualities. When it comes to papers manufactured from virgin pulp, we try to use those that have been certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label, or at least the EU Flower Label, as, in our opinion, these labels embody the environmental ethos more holistically than mere COC certificates such as FSC or PEFC.

This means that while only 15% of the products manufactured by us bear the Nordic Swan Eco Label, over 60% of the paper used in the processing of these products is certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label or is at least approved by that body.

Therefore many of our customers receive sustainable products even if these are not certified with a specific label, and in this way unwittingly contribute in a small way to a sustainable use of our natural resources.

This is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

“Working with a natural resource places a great responsibility on us, and therefore we endeavour to also create environmental awareness in our customers. Visibly labelling our products with the Nordic Swan Eco Label is an important element of our environmental policy.”

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

“Over 15 years ago we changed to licencing Printing Companies instead of product labelling of Printed Matter. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printed Matter were available already ten years prior to this change. But it all started with certification of Printing Paper yet another decade earlier. Today paper have the same importance being Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, EU Ecolabelled or part of a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printed Matter, and of course also as part of a licence for a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printing Company.”

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

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