Off to the future!

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We offer the best possible processing of your data and orders!

Our sophisticated IT infrastructure and our new logistics centre offer the fastest possible processing of your requests. Format Werk takes care of the complete realization of your ideas – up to the finished product!

Increase the overall capacity with a new logistics centre!

In the course of the last investments, a new logistic centre was put into operation in 2015. It now provides direct access to 13,000 pallet spaces and 500 picking stations.

Format Werk has small parts pallet logistics with automatic first-in/first-out management.

This enables us to tailor cost-efficient individual logistics requirements, to exactly meet the needs of our customers and to match them with speed, maximum availability and the lowest possible error tolerances.

We also offer our customers:
• High storage capacities, which depend on the scope and duration of the production agreed in the framework agreements.
• Fully automated warehouse management for efficient and clear joint warehousing.
• Complete warehouse access for third parties via EDI warehouse connection or XML warehouse connection. Option for decentralized delivery. Sector-specific optimized logistics services by our logistics partner.

Furthermore, the process-integrated IT infrastructure allows the linking of external communication with the support of internal automated processes.

This enables maximum transparency of information about key data in order processing, with optimum security.

• Flexible data exchange, adapted to your technical conditions: Data exchange in EDIFACT format (Order, Order Response, Invoice, Dispatch Advice etc.) via GS1 Austria or Exite, and by e-mail. Data exchange in XML format (order, invoice, etc.) by e-mail
• Transparent 24 hours / 7 days – information through extranet systems. Format Werk customers have the possibility to view their individual data at any time.
• Inventory Optimization allows both complete warehouse management for third parties (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory) and complete warehouse access by third parties (BMI – Buyer Managed Inventory).

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