No goods without purchasing

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Format Werk is a paper processing company – but where does it actually get the paper from?

After all, we are talking about no less than 12,000 tonnes of paper being processed here every year.

A glance at the Purchasing department shows:

Kurt Mayer is in charge of everything. He is responsible for purchasing at our company, knows about the daily updated price of paper, observes the market and knows our suppliers inside out.

He is also our environmental officer – which naturally has an impact on purchasing. After all, only suppliers who meet our strict environmental requirements can be considered at all. As a production company we can still make such an effort – if the raw materials are not supplied in accordance with the regulations, we would not be able to manufacture top environmental products from them.

The professionals in strategically sustainable paper purchasing

The shortage of raw materials and the adjustment of the market are currently a major challenge, as the suppliers in question must be optimally coordinated in terms of strategy, price and quality of goods.

Kurt Mayer – who has been working in the company for 18 years – emphasizes that the Format Werk has a decisive advantage in such negotiations: “As the market leader in the industry with know-how of more than 40 years, you can’t get past us. Suppliers like to cooperate with us because our name, brand awareness and above all our position as environmental pioneers are well-known in Germany and abroad.”

In this way, he succeeds in transforming the supposed dependence on a few suppliers into a strength. Due to the negotiation of paper quotas, scarcity of raw materials is no issue for Format Werk.

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