Ink – a key component of every attractive product

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When purchasing products, customers expect an attractive visual appearance as well as high quality standards. We all know that it’s much more fun to write into an attractive exercise book! And while the exact design is a matter of personal taste, it is an undisputed fact that the print quality is directly linked to the quality of the inks used in the printing process.

In our capacity as a producer of exercise books, notepads and spiral-bound products we constantly have to meet many challenges in this area of production. On the one hand, we offer a product range in excess of 2,000 product lines, produced for a wide variety of customers and requirements, in a range of paper qualities but always adhering to the highest quality standards. On the other hand, we always aspire to manufacture our products in the most environmentally friendly way.

Unlike many standard printers, Format Werk employs two different printing processes: offset printing for cover sheets and flexographic printing for the ruled inner parts.

Flexographic printing uses water-soluble ink pigments. Ink residues and rinsing water are separated in a special process: Only the remaining pigments have to be disposed of while the residual water is so clean that it can safely be re-introduced in the sewerage system. The offset printing process uses organic paints that are based on sustainable raw materials, and the protective finish of the cover sheets is achieved using eco-friendly printing varnish.

We meet every ecolabel’s expectation

Due to our long-standing experience with the Nordic Swan certification process and the ever-tightening requirements for inks, we are now in the advantageous position of already complying with the certification requirements of other eco labels in regards to inks. Furthermore, the Nordic Swan database is a useful resource when it comes to evaluating new or additional inks and to quickly and easily checking their conformity with the regulations.

Experience the World of Nordic Swan Ecolabel

“As we already comply with the strict regulations of the Nordic Swan Eco Label, we easily comply with other eco labels’ regulations concerning inks.”

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

“The MSA system (My Swan Account) is for verifying information submitted to Nordic Swan Ecolabelling. Our handling officers get updated, suppliers get status for their submitted products and all Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printers could see directly when a product is approved. Therefore I always take the opportunity to direct a big thank you to colleagues, suppliers and printers using the MSA system! To make a difference just have to work smoothly, if we are to save the world a little bit every day.”

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

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