Format Werk Take Over Staufen

June 15th, 2018 Posted by Austria 0 thoughts on “Format Werk Take Over Staufen”

Format Werk has completely acquired the insolvent Staufen GmbH, thus strengthening the position of both companies in the German and international markets.
Staufen GmbH have been renamed Staufen Premium GmbH and sees the new name as a clear order for the future positioning of the brands and assortments. The fortunes of the company are managed by the managing director Thomas Gillesberger.

We see this renaming as a clear order for the future positioning of the brands and Assortments. Our goal is to establish the trade mark of the Wurmlingen brand in Germany, and also to expand its location to specialized production and logistics location.
Both Staufen and Format Werk have recognized brands, which are to be further developed now, with the help of the newly created synergies. With Format Werk and its experience of more than 40 years in the industry, we are relying on its necessary know-how to secure the assortment with premium brands for the future.

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