Co-operation with the Albertina

This product, whose design has only minimally changed over the years, has been giving free rein to the creativity of already three generations of artists of all ages. An impressive legacy: The image the range’s name is derived from dates from the year 1502. Created by Albrecht Dürer, the image of ‘The Hare’ (‘Der Feldhase’) is one of the most important works of its time and known across the globe. It is on display in Vienna’s Albertina, which houses one of the world’s largest graphic collections.

This is also where you can find the ‘Format Werk Ateliers’. Since 2003, the Albertina and Format Werk have co-operated on projects promoting creativity in children and teenagers.

Format Werk has found an important partner in the Albertina. As a result of this co-operation, since 2003 more than 400,000 pupils have taken part in the ‘Format Werk Atelier’ workshops in the venerable museum buildings, playfully exploring their creativity. The best drawings that come out of these workshops are awarded prizes and exhibited for a whole year in the Albertina.

The Albertina houses one of the world’s largest and most valuable graphic collections. Currently it comprises ca. 70,000 drawings and over a million prints from all important artistic epochs – from the late Gothic era to contemporary art. More information on the Albertina can be found at

drawing pads • painting pads • Austria ink paper
• offset ink paper • coloured card • photo grade card
• coloured paper • graph paper • tracing paper

„Dürer Hare” Gallery

Here we present the winners from the 2016 competition.

Due to its great success, the Dürer ‘The Hare’ Competition will continue in 2017 – in its 11. year! You can send your picture of ‘The Hare’ to Format Werk by the end of June 2017. We are looking forward to receiving your art works!

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