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Your brand – our know-how!

August 27th, 2018 Posted by Allgemein, Customer 0 thoughts on “Your brand – our know-how!”

We manage your own brand!

Our comprehensive customer services are aimed at both brand and private label customers.

Both in production and in internal logistics, we offer a range of services that ensure maximum quality, efficiency and flexibility in the processing of orders.

You have an individual idea for a product? We produce it for you!

Our products are available in all formats, sheet counts, cover and paper qualities as well as rulings:

notebooks, college pads, writing pads, flipchart pads, spiral products, business books, ring binder pads, ring binder inserts, office papers, drawing pads, index cards, carbonless copy products and much more…

If you have a specific design in mind or would like a product with your own label, simply contact our Key Account Manager and you will receive a customised offer from them.

Format Werk Private Label offers individual overall concepts for your private label instead of pure contract manufacturing.

• Fast: Prompt and efficient processing of Private-Label-orders.
• Simple: Comprehensive services for lean, transparent processes.
• Competent: Loyal customers for over 30 years speak for themselves.
• Personal: We will personally take care of your private label.

Our service for private Label Customers

• Shortest possible “time to market” for new orders.
• Sophisticated services specially tailored to meet the needs of Private Label Customers, saving time and money.
• Competence and decades of experience in all production steps – from consulting to market forecast, design development, final artwork, production and logistics.

Use our know-how for the further development of your own brand, we can support you with:
• Optimization of the product range
• Monitoring of volume development
• Listing review
• Adjustment of product quality
• cost analysis
• Contract management of environmental certificates

Our environment – our responsibility!

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Environment and sustainability are not just simple trends!

Format Werk is aware of this responsibility and is constantly growing in line with the new ecological requirements.

But how can these high demands be met? Quite simple!

With Ursus®Green! – Our environmental brand made from 100 percent recycled paper

Format Werk pursues a holistic environmental strategy with the Ursus® brand, and in order to achieve this, every Ursus® product is produced 100 percent climate-neutral! We are the first manufacturer on the market to offer this minimal environmental effect for all items listed under Ursus®.

This process is controlled and supported by an independent climate protection consultancy, ClimatePartner.

What does Ursus® Green offer

• Wide variety of products
• Numbering system
• Round corners against dog-ears
• Thick envelope for daily school use
• Available throughout Austria
• Premium white recycled paper with excellent writing contrast for fountain pens
• Products awarded with state eco-labels
• Teacher products
• ECOLOG/BMBF tips in the booklets
• Free teaching materials

This means that our products do not only offer the right environment for your ideas, they also make you conscious of your responsibility towards our environment. A perfect combination!

Up-to-date online communication!

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As a customer-oriented paper processor, Format Werk for some time now, has been providing its customers with all brand image data for the print sector in the perfect TIFF format.

This does not only give you the perfect print quality using our image data, but you also have the option of putting the images on any background of your choice, even with drop shadows, since these TIFF files are stored with transparent backgrounds.

Do you need a product picture? Help yourself!

What is new is that, all image data for presentation on the Internet has also been converted into the promising PNG format. The PNG format will be THE web format of the future.

This means that you as a customer can simply download the images directly for your online communication by right clicking in the Servicenet / Image Module If you do not yet have access to our service network, simply request it from our marketing department by e-mail:

This gives you access to all image data of our branded products, which you can then use in your communication with customers. Just like our print data in TIFF format, you now have the possibility to quickly access PNG image data with transparent backgrounds for use in your shop system or for your online advertising.

We see it as a special service to make all image data available to our customers – try it out!

Off to the future!

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We offer the best possible processing of your data and orders!

Our sophisticated IT infrastructure and our new logistics centre offer the fastest possible processing of your requests. Format Werk takes care of the complete realization of your ideas – up to the finished product!

Increase the overall capacity with a new logistics centre!

In the course of the last investments, a new logistic centre was put into operation in 2015. It now provides direct access to 13,000 pallet spaces and 500 picking stations.

Format Werk has small parts pallet logistics with automatic first-in/first-out management.

This enables us to tailor cost-efficient individual logistics requirements, to exactly meet the needs of our customers and to match them with speed, maximum availability and the lowest possible error tolerances.

We also offer our customers:
• High storage capacities, which depend on the scope and duration of the production agreed in the framework agreements.
• Fully automated warehouse management for efficient and clear joint warehousing.
• Complete warehouse access for third parties via EDI warehouse connection or XML warehouse connection. Option for decentralized delivery. Sector-specific optimized logistics services by our logistics partner.

Furthermore, the process-integrated IT infrastructure allows the linking of external communication with the support of internal automated processes.

This enables maximum transparency of information about key data in order processing, with optimum security.

• Flexible data exchange, adapted to your technical conditions: Data exchange in EDIFACT format (Order, Order Response, Invoice, Dispatch Advice etc.) via GS1 Austria or Exite, and by e-mail. Data exchange in XML format (order, invoice, etc.) by e-mail
• Transparent 24 hours / 7 days – information through extranet systems. Format Werk customers have the possibility to view their individual data at any time.
• Inventory Optimization allows both complete warehouse management for third parties (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory) and complete warehouse access by third parties (BMI – Buyer Managed Inventory).

Ursus® (De)sign – Express yourself

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Ursus® (De)sign, that’s more than just college and spiral blocks.

This product series stands for elegant colours, noble look in the trend of time and high-quality processing.

That means – different motifs – new every year, trendy every year and in high-quality feel, appearance and product design.

Our stylebooks offer variety and colourful designs in various styles.

Different themed worlds offer variety and accuracy for every taste.

Express yourself! – HOW?

• Your choice – your motif – uniqueness for your product
• The latest trends in colours and patterns
• Multifaceted themed worlds suitable for your assortment
• Various designs and qualities available
• Use of our environmental know-how

Your benefit lies in (De)sign!

With the motifs of our collection, you will be able to depict current themes such as seasons or sporting events – the choice is yours!

Ursus® (De)sign offers variety and colourful designs in a wide variety of styles. Different themed worlds offer variety and accuracy – for every taste!
Beautiful things – you simply prefer to have them at hand!

Format Werk – Made in Austria!

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Format Werk for many years, is proud to serve as a full-range supplier with in-house manufacturing of 99 percent in Gunskirchen. This means that we manufacture almost 100 percent of our products at one location!

Thus, we have extensive know-how in the production of paper supplies for schools and offices.

Your products are manufactured by us, using the shortest possible production route, while maintaining the highest quality standards. This offers many advantages for you as a customer: short distances, no coordination losses in the production process and above all first-hand product quality!

That means: One location – all products!

But Format Werk customers, do not only benefit from this first-class service!
• Format Werk works together with one of Europe’s leading PBS logistics service providers.
• We enable you the shortest possible time-to-market for your new orders, because we can advise you on market forecasts as well as on design development, final artwork, production and logistics, of your brands and products.
• Online access to our service network with all information in real time: sales, blanket orders, stocks, price lists, statistics, image data and production schedules; production dates specified in calendar weeks.

We at Format Werk continuously invest in production and logistics technologies, in order to be able to offer our customers the highest process and product quality. Our private label customers are particularly important to us; which is why these new developments are of course also used for private labels:
• Inserts / Supplements in notebooks and college pads
• coloured spirals
• thread stitching
• Oilcloth products
• EAN Code direct printing on grey board
• special formats
• and much more

Beginning the new school year full of motivation!

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Whether Ursus®, Formati® or Edition Dürer® – our wide climate-neutral range of products, offers the right thing for everyone. Format Werk supports pupils in every school level! With our heroes in schools, lecture halls and offices, every project is successful. The colourful designs motivate and make you want to learn more and more.

Be it the Ursus® Ö-Klassiker for the grown-ups or Formati® for the kids – our products offer support for every essay and every math task. The Formati® – system facilitates the learning of writing, arithmetic and words; it promotes creativity and is also environmentally friendly.

Because we are not only responsible for perfect school equipment, we are also responsible for communicating environmental awareness. Format Werk, pursues a holistic environmental strategy together with the Ursus® brand, and everything that goes with it; and in order to meet this strategy, every Ursus® product is produced in a climate-neutral manner! We are the first manufacturer on the market, to offer this environmental effect for all Ursus® products.

This knowledge of the importance of climate-neutral products and environmental protection, is part of every school training, which is just as important as the teaching of writing and arithmetic!

Every year, we are proud to be present in every school bag with our products for young and old, and be allowed to learn with you!

No goods without purchasing

March 8th, 2018 Posted by Allgemein 0 thoughts on “No goods without purchasing”

Format Werk is a paper processing company – but where does it actually get the paper from?

After all, we are talking about no less than 12,000 tonnes of paper being processed here every year.

A glance at the Purchasing department shows:

Kurt Mayer is in charge of everything. He is responsible for purchasing at our company, knows about the daily updated price of paper, observes the market and knows our suppliers inside out.

He is also our environmental officer – which naturally has an impact on purchasing. After all, only suppliers who meet our strict environmental requirements can be considered at all. As a production company we can still make such an effort – if the raw materials are not supplied in accordance with the regulations, we would not be able to manufacture top environmental products from them.

The professionals in strategically sustainable paper purchasing

The shortage of raw materials and the adjustment of the market are currently a major challenge, as the suppliers in question must be optimally coordinated in terms of strategy, price and quality of goods.

Kurt Mayer – who has been working in the company for 18 years – emphasizes that the Format Werk has a decisive advantage in such negotiations: “As the market leader in the industry with know-how of more than 40 years, you can’t get past us. Suppliers like to cooperate with us because our name, brand awareness and above all our position as environmental pioneers are well-known in Germany and abroad.”

In this way, he succeeds in transforming the supposed dependence on a few suppliers into a strength. Due to the negotiation of paper quotas, scarcity of raw materials is no issue for Format Werk.

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