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Meaningful, modern, environmentally friendly ... in the branded products of Format Werk, everyone will find what they need.

Ursus® Formati

...helps you in school!
The Ursus® Formati system is based on the four different basic modules of an elementary school and the experiences of Austrian pedagogues. We draw focus to the major learning objectives using our Formati® brand: writing, numeracy, creative and words are in the foreground. The rulings are designed to adapt to the needs of those in year one to four providing excellent starting conditions for learning to write. Between the categories, the products have the same ruling to ensure a seamless transition between all products in the system. Examples of use cases of Ursus® Formati products are regularly published on the Formati Blog. Together with pedagogues, they are continually being developed further. Follow exciting discussions about teaching methods and get new ideas for your lessons!
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Ursus® Formati smartboard lineatures:

Ursus® [OE]

Environmental protection in retro chic
Ursus® [OE] products offer all the rulings and a wide variety of formats and products needed for a successful school and office day: exercise books, notepads, college pads, flipchart papers, ring binder inserts and much more. Ursus [OE] products are the most environmentally friendly school and office products currently on the market. Produced in a climate-neutral company, made of 100% recycled paper in premium white and with the highest writing comfort. Take part in the big [OE] photo competition! OEmoments can be many things - and ultimately you decide, which is your personal moment. Take your best photo, post it on Instagram and tag it with the hashtag #meinoemoment.

Ursus® Style

Products for school and office.
The Ursus® Style assortment brand consists not only of the classic products such as exercise books, college notepads, note and flipchart pads, but also of business, note and register books, spiral pads, letter pads, register books, travel and car books, carbonless copy books, office papers, index cards, form books and pads as well as a wide range of various office articles. The products are available in all paper qualities, formats and other designs. However, Ursus® Style stands out from the average in the standard range, especially in the higher-value product groups - e.g. business books - in terms of processing quality.

Ursus® (de)sign

We choose to use things that attract us visually.
Ursus® (De)sign is more than just college and spiral blocks for people who place value on appearances. Ursus® (De)sign unites elegant colours, a trendy look and high-quality workmanship. Ursus® (De)sign stands for: many different motifs, new every year, trendy every year - and that featuring quality materials, unique looks and technical product design.

Edition Dürer®

The original Dürer 'The Hare’ drawing pad
The original Dürer 'The Hare’ drawing pad - an indispensable part of classical drawing lessons and great for artistic work at home. For countless years, ‘The Hare’ (‘Der Feldhase’) has been hopping through Austria's paper landscape in three different formats, guaranteeing the ideal background for drawings and paintings of all kinds from time to time. With this quality claim, the Dürer® Edition was created around the original Dürer 'The Hare’ drawing pad, which is composed of a wide variety of products for creative design. The Dürer® Edition comprises a full range of drawing and painting blocks, clay papers, ink and drawing sheets and much more.

The contest will be held in german language only.
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