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Your brand – our know-how!

August 27th, 2018 Posted by Allgemein, Customer 0 thoughts on “Your brand – our know-how!”

We manage your own brand!

Our comprehensive customer services are aimed at both brand and private label customers.

Both in production and in internal logistics, we offer a range of services that ensure maximum quality, efficiency and flexibility in the processing of orders.

You have an individual idea for a product? We produce it for you!

Our products are available in all formats, sheet counts, cover and paper qualities as well as rulings:

notebooks, college pads, writing pads, flipchart pads, spiral products, business books, ring binder pads, ring binder inserts, office papers, drawing pads, index cards, carbonless copy products and much more…

If you have a specific design in mind or would like a product with your own label, simply contact our Key Account Manager and you will receive a customised offer from them.

Format Werk Private Label offers individual overall concepts for your private label instead of pure contract manufacturing.

• Fast: Prompt and efficient processing of Private-Label-orders.
• Simple: Comprehensive services for lean, transparent processes.
• Competent: Loyal customers for over 30 years speak for themselves.
• Personal: We will personally take care of your private label.

Our service for private Label Customers

• Shortest possible “time to market” for new orders.
• Sophisticated services specially tailored to meet the needs of Private Label Customers, saving time and money.
• Competence and decades of experience in all production steps – from consulting to market forecast, design development, final artwork, production and logistics.

Use our know-how for the further development of your own brand, we can support you with:
• Optimization of the product range
• Monitoring of volume development
• Listing review
• Adjustment of product quality
• cost analysis
• Contract management of environmental certificates

Our environment – our responsibility!

August 27th, 2018 Posted by Allgemein, Customer 0 thoughts on “Our environment – our responsibility!”

Environment and sustainability are not just simple trends!

Format Werk is aware of this responsibility and is constantly growing in line with the new ecological requirements.

But how can these high demands be met? Quite simple!

With Ursus®Green! – Our environmental brand made from 100 percent recycled paper

Format Werk pursues a holistic environmental strategy with the Ursus® brand, and in order to achieve this, every Ursus® product is produced 100 percent climate-neutral! We are the first manufacturer on the market to offer this minimal environmental effect for all items listed under Ursus®.

This process is controlled and supported by an independent climate protection consultancy, ClimatePartner.

What does Ursus® Green offer

• Wide variety of products
• Numbering system
• Round corners against dog-ears
• Thick envelope for daily school use
• Available throughout Austria
• Premium white recycled paper with excellent writing contrast for fountain pens
• Products awarded with state eco-labels
• Teacher products
• ECOLOG/BMBF tips in the booklets
• Free teaching materials

This means that our products do not only offer the right environment for your ideas, they also make you conscious of your responsibility towards our environment. A perfect combination!

Up-to-date online communication!

August 27th, 2018 Posted by Allgemein, Customer 0 thoughts on “Up-to-date online communication!”

As a customer-oriented paper processor, Format Werk for some time now, has been providing its customers with all brand image data for the print sector in the perfect TIFF format.

This does not only give you the perfect print quality using our image data, but you also have the option of putting the images on any background of your choice, even with drop shadows, since these TIFF files are stored with transparent backgrounds.

Do you need a product picture? Help yourself!

What is new is that, all image data for presentation on the Internet has also been converted into the promising PNG format. The PNG format will be THE web format of the future.

This means that you as a customer can simply download the images directly for your online communication by right clicking in the Servicenet / Image Module If you do not yet have access to our service network, simply request it from our marketing department by e-mail:

This gives you access to all image data of our branded products, which you can then use in your communication with customers. Just like our print data in TIFF format, you now have the possibility to quickly access PNG image data with transparent backgrounds for use in your shop system or for your online advertising.

We see it as a special service to make all image data available to our customers – try it out!

Off to the future!

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We offer the best possible processing of your data and orders!

Our sophisticated IT infrastructure and our new logistics centre offer the fastest possible processing of your requests. Format Werk takes care of the complete realization of your ideas – up to the finished product!

Increase the overall capacity with a new logistics centre!

In the course of the last investments, a new logistic centre was put into operation in 2015. It now provides direct access to 13,000 pallet spaces and 500 picking stations.

Format Werk has small parts pallet logistics with automatic first-in/first-out management.

This enables us to tailor cost-efficient individual logistics requirements, to exactly meet the needs of our customers and to match them with speed, maximum availability and the lowest possible error tolerances.

We also offer our customers:
• High storage capacities, which depend on the scope and duration of the production agreed in the framework agreements.
• Fully automated warehouse management for efficient and clear joint warehousing.
• Complete warehouse access for third parties via EDI warehouse connection or XML warehouse connection. Option for decentralized delivery. Sector-specific optimized logistics services by our logistics partner.

Furthermore, the process-integrated IT infrastructure allows the linking of external communication with the support of internal automated processes.

This enables maximum transparency of information about key data in order processing, with optimum security.

• Flexible data exchange, adapted to your technical conditions: Data exchange in EDIFACT format (Order, Order Response, Invoice, Dispatch Advice etc.) via GS1 Austria or Exite, and by e-mail. Data exchange in XML format (order, invoice, etc.) by e-mail
• Transparent 24 hours / 7 days – information through extranet systems. Format Werk customers have the possibility to view their individual data at any time.
• Inventory Optimization allows both complete warehouse management for third parties (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory) and complete warehouse access by third parties (BMI – Buyer Managed Inventory).

Ursus® (De)sign – Express yourself

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Ursus® (De)sign, that’s more than just college and spiral blocks.

This product series stands for elegant colours, noble look in the trend of time and high-quality processing.

That means – different motifs – new every year, trendy every year and in high-quality feel, appearance and product design.

Our stylebooks offer variety and colourful designs in various styles.

Different themed worlds offer variety and accuracy for every taste.

Express yourself! – HOW?

• Your choice – your motif – uniqueness for your product
• The latest trends in colours and patterns
• Multifaceted themed worlds suitable for your assortment
• Various designs and qualities available
• Use of our environmental know-how

Your benefit lies in (De)sign!

With the motifs of our collection, you will be able to depict current themes such as seasons or sporting events – the choice is yours!

Ursus® (De)sign offers variety and colourful designs in a wide variety of styles. Different themed worlds offer variety and accuracy – for every taste!
Beautiful things – you simply prefer to have them at hand!

Format Werk – Made in Austria!

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Format Werk for many years, is proud to serve as a full-range supplier with in-house manufacturing of 99 percent in Gunskirchen. This means that we manufacture almost 100 percent of our products at one location!

Thus, we have extensive know-how in the production of paper supplies for schools and offices.

Your products are manufactured by us, using the shortest possible production route, while maintaining the highest quality standards. This offers many advantages for you as a customer: short distances, no coordination losses in the production process and above all first-hand product quality!

That means: One location – all products!

But Format Werk customers, do not only benefit from this first-class service!
• Format Werk works together with one of Europe’s leading PBS logistics service providers.
• We enable you the shortest possible time-to-market for your new orders, because we can advise you on market forecasts as well as on design development, final artwork, production and logistics, of your brands and products.
• Online access to our service network with all information in real time: sales, blanket orders, stocks, price lists, statistics, image data and production schedules; production dates specified in calendar weeks.

We at Format Werk continuously invest in production and logistics technologies, in order to be able to offer our customers the highest process and product quality. Our private label customers are particularly important to us; which is why these new developments are of course also used for private labels:
• Inserts / Supplements in notebooks and college pads
• coloured spirals
• thread stitching
• Oilcloth products
• EAN Code direct printing on grey board
• special formats
• and much more

Beginning the new school year full of motivation!

August 27th, 2018 Posted by Allgemein, Environment 0 thoughts on “Beginning the new school year full of motivation!”

Whether Ursus®, Formati® or Edition Dürer® – our wide climate-neutral range of products, offers the right thing for everyone. Format Werk supports pupils in every school level! With our heroes in schools, lecture halls and offices, every project is successful. The colourful designs motivate and make you want to learn more and more.

Be it the Ursus® Ö-Klassiker for the grown-ups or Formati® for the kids – our products offer support for every essay and every math task. The Formati® – system facilitates the learning of writing, arithmetic and words; it promotes creativity and is also environmentally friendly.

Because we are not only responsible for perfect school equipment, we are also responsible for communicating environmental awareness. Format Werk, pursues a holistic environmental strategy together with the Ursus® brand, and everything that goes with it; and in order to meet this strategy, every Ursus® product is produced in a climate-neutral manner! We are the first manufacturer on the market, to offer this environmental effect for all Ursus® products.

This knowledge of the importance of climate-neutral products and environmental protection, is part of every school training, which is just as important as the teaching of writing and arithmetic!

Every year, we are proud to be present in every school bag with our products for young and old, and be allowed to learn with you!

Format Werk Take Over Staufen

June 15th, 2018 Posted by Austria 0 thoughts on “Format Werk Take Over Staufen”

Format Werk has completely acquired the insolvent Staufen GmbH, thus strengthening the position of both companies in the German and international markets.
Staufen GmbH have been renamed Staufen Premium GmbH and sees the new name as a clear order for the future positioning of the brands and assortments. The fortunes of the company are managed by the managing director Thomas Gillesberger.

We see this renaming as a clear order for the future positioning of the brands and Assortments. Our goal is to establish the trade mark of the Wurmlingen brand in Germany, and also to expand its location to specialized production and logistics location.
Both Staufen and Format Werk have recognized brands, which are to be further developed now, with the help of the newly created synergies. With Format Werk and its experience of more than 40 years in the industry, we are relying on its necessary know-how to secure the assortment with premium brands for the future.

Award of the Austrian Eco-Label

May 3rd, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Award of the Austrian Eco-Label”

Just how seriously Format Werk takes its role as a pioneer in environmental protection in the paper processing industry became apparent at the recent award of Austria’s best-known environmental label:

The Austrian Eco-Label (“Österreichisches Umweltzeichen“) is intended to help consumers make a sustainable purchase decision: It distinguishes goods or services that combine a high environmental standard with quality and product safety.

For the first time, the European Eco-Label also goes to Format Werk

On behalf of Format Werk, environmental officer Kurt Mayer accepted the certificate in Vienna and heard Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger praising words: Format Werk is a showpiece company that not only fulfils but even exceeds the legal requirements in terms of environmental protection.

At the ceremonial act on 25 April 2018, 42 companies and organisations that operate sustainably were awarded the Austrian and European eco-labels. Format Werk has been a licensee of the Austrian Ecolabel for several years in a row, this year the European Ecolabel was awarded to the Upper Austrian company for the first time.

Sustainable management for future generations

More than 4,400 products and services now carry the state eco-label. Format Werk is proud to be one of these environmentally conscious decision-makers – after all, it is our responsibility to make the ecological footprint as sustainable as possible in order to ensure an intact environment for future generations.

Bright children’s eyes at the SOS Children’s Village

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A block for drawing, beautiful notebooks for learning to write and do math or simply paper for scribbling: everyday things that we all too often use (and throw away) without thinking make the young inhabitants of the SOS Children’s Village in Altmünster really happy:
As part of our cooperation, we sent a whole range of formati notebooks, Dürer drawing pads, notebooks and college pads on the trip so that the children of the Children’s Village throughout Upper Austria are well prepared for the coming school year.

We’d like to express a special “Thank you” to Spedition Morawa from Pasching, who did not only process this transport  – moreover they did this for free, when they heared about the destination of this palette.

SOS Children’s Village Director Gerhard Pohl and one of the pedagogical directors Karin Asamer accepted the donation and are now responsible for the distribution among the more than 100 students who currently belong to their protégés.

With this cooperation Format Werk underlines its concern to support children in learning the basic skills of arithmetic and writing. “The future belongs to children. That’s why we as an industrial company have two challenges,” explains Managing Director Thomas Riemer and continues: “On the one hand, it is in our hands to produce high-quality exercise books with which the children work and learn every day. On the other hand, however, this production process must not leave any harmful traces on the environment. We succeed in this and I can proudly refer to the fact that every single product leaves our company 100% climate-neutral.

About SOS Children’s Village


Thanks to SOS Children’s Villages, children and young people are cared for in a family atmosphere at three locations in Upper Austria:

Altmünster was one of the first SOS Children’s Villages, today the educational offer includes ten SOS Children’s Village families, two children’s residential groups, a crisis care area, a residential group for young people and the family strengthening programme.
The SOS Children’s Village Rechberg is also the youngest SOS Children’s Village in Upper Austria. This is a loving home for 28 children in two SOS Children’s Village families, one SOS residential group and one children’s residential group with a family strengthening background.

Since 2016, the SOS Children’s Village has also been active in Linz with a shared flat for children who are on the run alone. 15 young people find a child-friendly and supportive living space here.

Format Werk supports school children aged six to 15 years with its donation in kind, so that they are supported in their education and have the necessary writing materials at their disposal.

Ink – a key component of every attractive product

April 20th, 2018 Posted by Environment 0 thoughts on “Ink – a key component of every attractive product”

When purchasing products, customers expect an attractive visual appearance as well as high quality standards. We all know that it’s much more fun to write into an attractive exercise book! And while the exact design is a matter of personal taste, it is an undisputed fact that the print quality is directly linked to the quality of the inks used in the printing process.

In our capacity as a producer of exercise books, notepads and spiral-bound products we constantly have to meet many challenges in this area of production. On the one hand, we offer a product range in excess of 2,000 product lines, produced for a wide variety of customers and requirements, in a range of paper qualities but always adhering to the highest quality standards. On the other hand, we always aspire to manufacture our products in the most environmentally friendly way.

Unlike many standard printers, Format Werk employs two different printing processes: offset printing for cover sheets and flexographic printing for the ruled inner parts.

Flexographic printing uses water-soluble ink pigments. Ink residues and rinsing water are separated in a special process: Only the remaining pigments have to be disposed of while the residual water is so clean that it can safely be re-introduced in the sewerage system. The offset printing process uses organic paints that are based on sustainable raw materials, and the protective finish of the cover sheets is achieved using eco-friendly printing varnish.

We meet every ecolabel’s expectation

Due to our long-standing experience with the Nordic Swan certification process and the ever-tightening requirements for inks, we are now in the advantageous position of already complying with the certification requirements of other eco labels in regards to inks. Furthermore, the Nordic Swan database is a useful resource when it comes to evaluating new or additional inks and to quickly and easily checking their conformity with the regulations.

Experience the World of Nordic Swan Ecolabel

“As we already comply with the strict regulations of the Nordic Swan Eco Label, we easily comply with other eco labels’ regulations concerning inks.”

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

“The MSA system (My Swan Account) is for verifying information submitted to Nordic Swan Ecolabelling. Our handling officers get updated, suppliers get status for their submitted products and all Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printers could see directly when a product is approved. Therefore I always take the opportunity to direct a big thank you to colleagues, suppliers and printers using the MSA system! To make a difference just have to work smoothly, if we are to save the world a little bit every day.”

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

Paper – at the heart of every product

April 19th, 2018 Posted by Environment 0 thoughts on “Paper – at the heart of every product”

What would an exercise book or a notepad be without its interior for writing? Brilliant white or recycled grey, 60gsm or 90gsm, or perhaps even beautifully coated paper for writing with a fountain pen – everyone has their own favourite. But many people do not realise that at the beginning of each chain there is always a tree.

As manufacturers of paper we are in the very privileged position to be able to work with a sustainable resource. But even though the supply of the resource wood is seemingly endless, the ambition must be to use it in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We have made it our ambition to become Europe’s most environmentally friendly producer of stationery for schools and offices. This is why we have changed our procurement over the past few years and by now can proudly report that over 90% of the paper products manufactured by us bear an eco label.

40% of the material processed by us is recycled paper of varying qualities. When it comes to papers manufactured from virgin pulp, we try to use those that have been certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label, or at least the EU Flower Label, as, in our opinion, these labels embody the environmental ethos more holistically than mere COC certificates such as FSC or PEFC.

This means that while only 15% of the products manufactured by us bear the Nordic Swan Eco Label, over 60% of the paper used in the processing of these products is certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label or is at least approved by that body.

Therefore many of our customers receive sustainable products even if these are not certified with a specific label, and in this way unwittingly contribute in a small way to a sustainable use of our natural resources.

This is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

“Working with a natural resource places a great responsibility on us, and therefore we endeavour to also create environmental awareness in our customers. Visibly labelling our products with the Nordic Swan Eco Label is an important element of our environmental policy.”

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

“Over 15 years ago we changed to licencing Printing Companies instead of product labelling of Printed Matter. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printed Matter were available already ten years prior to this change. But it all started with certification of Printing Paper yet another decade earlier. Today paper have the same importance being Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, EU Ecolabelled or part of a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printed Matter, and of course also as part of a licence for a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printing Company.”

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

Swan+ What else can be done for the environment?

April 19th, 2018 Posted by Environment 0 thoughts on “Swan+ What else can be done for the environment?”

The eco label Nordic Swan does indeed constitute a very comprehensive and pervasive certification system, covering the entire procurement and production process, including raw materials, inks, auxiliary and cleaning materials, as well as energy consumption and waste prevention.

Nevertheless, we continually asked ourselves if there might be further opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint, and it was this thinking that led to the decision, made jointly with Climate Partner in 2014, to have our entire production process certified as “climate neutral”.

This certification not only covers all procurement and production processes, but also business trips, company cars and all employees’ commutes. Moreover, in order to reduce energy consumption the administrative buildings were fitted with additional insulation and new windows. 100% of the electricity we consume comes from hydroelectric sources, and all unavoidable emissions (in 2017 these amounted to some 740 tonnes of CO2) are offset by purchasing certificates for environmental projects. Currently we are supporting a forest protection project in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Every single product is produced climate neutrally

Consequently, every product that has left Format Werk since the beginning of 2015 will have been produced climate neutrally. We can offer to all our customers the opportunity to label their products with the certificate logo in order to communicate their outstanding eco-friendliness.

We continue to work to reduce our environmental footprint and to increase the sustainability of our production processes. There are already further projects in the pipeline and we would be thrilled to inspire others to follow suit and to try and leave the planet to our children a little bit better than how we found it.

Learn more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

“When it comes to environmental protection, there’s always a little bit more you can do. That is why in 2014 we decided to commit to a climate-neutral production process. Today I am proud to say that every product that leaves Format Werk will have been produced 100% climate neutrally.”

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

“Saving the world a little bit every day is part of our daily work at Ecolabelling Sweden. How is this possible? By working with certification of hundreds of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled companies and thousands of suppliers. Making the world a bit greener and saving it for generations to come is indeed a task for us all.”

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

(Why) More than 20 years of Nordic Swan

April 19th, 2018 Posted by Environment 0 thoughts on “(Why) More than 20 years of Nordic Swan”

Ever since the company’s founding, the name Format Werk has been synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality exercise books, pads and spiral pads made from the renewable resource wood.
It is our strong conviction that our commitment to social and ecological issues is an important step for the future, both of our company and our employees. This is why we have decided to take on a leading role in environmental certificates and eco hallmarks, and to actively instigate projects designed to improve our processes, in order to create the best possible conditions for environmentally and socially sound conduct. .

We still count on the first one: NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL

More than 20 years ago Format Werk´s first environmental certification was the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. During the years the range of external audited certificates was extended with Blue Angel, Austrian Environmental Label, FSC, PEFC and a certificate for a climate neutral production.

After various internal and external audits and certifications during the years we are still convinced, that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the most consistent environmental label of all. It is the only, that captures not just single products, processes or materials, but also the complete production process, all raw materials, printing colours, coatings, energy consumption, waste, cleaning agents and additives.

This is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Best for nature

More than 99% of the products delivered by Format Werk to the Nordics are awarded with the Nordic Swan. This high acceptance from the customers is our confirmation that we have chosen the right way 20 years ago and the motivation to enhance our efforts to produce the most environmentally friendly products on the market.

„The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the only environmental label that really deserves that name with regard to consistence and awareness level. The continuous development of the regulations forces us to a steadily improvement of our environmental processes.“

Thomas Gillesberger
Managing Director Format Werk

„Meeting the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Printer doing the audit at their own production site, understanding their business and how to comply with the criteria is the very key for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Working with a broad spectra of very strict criteria is the only way to capture and getting a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled service in the graphic business today.“

Anders Jacobsson
Ecolabelling Sweden

Our electricity is CO2-free

March 16th, 2018 Posted by Environment 0 thoughts on “Our electricity is CO2-free”

Format Werk stands for environmentally friendly products, as shown by the awards with environmental labels such as Blue Angel, Austrian Eco-label, Nordic Swan or fsc. We want to be part of those companies that actively do something for the environment; and this can be seen in every product that leaves our house.


Convinced that our commitment at the environmental level will permit future generations to live in a comfortable environment, we are always committed to keeping our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Another building block on the route to completely environmentally friendly and resource-confined production is the conversion of our company building.

This investment in the future of the company and its employees, also includes the supply of sustainable energy to the plant in the form of CO2-free electricity from Energie AG.

This allows a CO2 saving of about 262 tons per year, which underlines our efforts for environmental and climatic protection.

Thanks to such measures we are able to meet our pioneering role in the field of sustainable management – This is also seen in our products, which have been produced 100% climate-neutral since 2015.

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