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Format Werk GmbH

Format Werk, founded in 1976, is Austria’s largest producer of school and office stationery. The company is based in Gunskirchen, Upper Austria.

  • Strong focus on service in all areas of paper manufacturing
  • International and regional brands
  • Long-standing experience in the private label business
  • Flexible print runs
  • Processing of all paper qualities into products for the European market, for all trade sectors

Strong brands and individual products for our customers

Range of goods

Our product portfolio comprises products from the following categories: exercise books, spiral-bound notepads, writing pads, flipchart pads, spiral-bound products, accounting books, filler paper, refill pads, office paper, drawing pads, index cards, duplicating products, and many more…

Our products are available in all formats, page numbers, rulings, as well as paper- and front cover qualities.

Product overview

State-of-the-art machine park in europe

Guaranteed interruption-free production

Format Werk can offer guaranteed interruption-free production to its customers, as each product group is equipped with two machines, which in case of machinery failure can safeguard ongoing production.

3 exercise book machines
1 ring binder- / loose-leaf machine
2 spiral binding machines
2 spiral- and wire comb binding machines
1 calendar machine
2 pad machines
1 flipchart pad machine
2 printing presses
Various small machines


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Format Werk GmbH
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