Format Werk understands that nowadays a company is not judged by its products alone. We are convinced that our environmental commitment is an important step for the future of the company and its employees. In the face of manifest climate change and downright horrendous prospects for the future, it is no wonder that consumers put ever greater importance on companies employing environmentally friendly production methods. We want to be among producers who actively do something for the environment.


Proactive environmental policies have long been of crucial importance for consumers and businesses alike. However, we engage in conservation not purely for economic reasons. In our business, the world’s most important resource – namely wood – plays a major role.


Holder of certificates and eco hallmarks: Format Werk is involved in certification programmes of the Paper and Cardboard Processing Industry (PPV), which are objective, internationally recognised and ecologically meaningful. They include the aims of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Programme for Endorsement Forest Council (PEFC), the Scandinavian eco label ‘Nordic Swan’, and the requirements of the national eco labels ‘Blue Angel’ and the Austrian Eco Label.

Expansion and consolidation of environmental ideas: All of our employees strive to work in resource-efficient ways. In order to implement environmental ideas seamlessly into the day-to-day running of the company, all of Format Werk’s employees must be aware of these. As well as an annual internal audit, the environmental officer organises specific training sessions for each section and position. Not only do these promote awareness for environmental factors in raw material acquisition, processing and sale, but they also ensure that we constantly stay abreast of new developments, such as those resulting from environmental certificates.

Environmental quality control in raw material acquisition, processing and sale: Format Werk is part of an interconnected system (forestry companies – paper suppliers – paper processing – wholesale – specialist retailers – consumers). Our products are manufactured from responsibly produced raw materials. In order to meet this challenge, we have established a well-functioning environmental system, which also forms part of quality control. In this way we can guarantee that the raw materials used by us are of the highest quality and come from controlled sources, and that processing and sale are also compliant with these criteria. Consequently, controls of raw materials, auxiliary materials and fuels – according to our environmental criteria and relating to processes in both the production and sales stages – are routine.

Our pledge for environmental awareness and the promotion of environmental ideas
We live our environmental awareness – not only in all of our offices and our communications, but also through our entire public image: In co-operation with strong partners we communicate these ideas in order to create awareness. However, me primarily set an example through our products themselves. Through millions of branded products or made-to-order products for our customers, environmental awareness is delivered into schools and offices, specially geared to each target group.


protection of forest: Madre de Dios, Peru

verification: SCS Global Services

type of certificate: VCS, CCBS, Gold Level

annual volume: 659.793 tons of CO2-equivalents

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